Welcome to Ananta Clinic
Ananta Clinic was started as an ENT clinic in 1991 by Dr Janardhan Rao Jagini, at Paradise complex in Secunderabad (presently Sunshine Hospital). It served continuously up to 2002 when it was moved to Chenoy Complex, besides Parklane Hotel since Paradise complex was being renovated. It moved to the present premises in 2009 and expanded its services to include Audiology and Dental services.

Ear, Nose and Throat consultation is provided by a team of senior and well trained Doctors attached to KIMS Hospitals. The clinic has state of the art outpatient diagnostic equipment including rigid and flexible endoscopes with a camera attachment. Minor procedures like foreign body nose and ear removal, wax cleaning, diagnostic nasal and laryngeal endoscopies can be performed in the clinic itself.

Audiology department has sound proof rooms equipped with digital Pure tone audiometry and Impedance Audiometry. All types of Hearing aids including digital and programmable are dispensed at an affordable price and Optimal fitting of Hearing aids is done using the latest equipment. Cochlear Implant habilitation is the speciality of the clinic. Speech therapy services are provided by trained personnel.

Dental services include specialized treatments like Dental implants and flap surgeries. All kinds of impactions, crowns and bridges are dealt with. There are full-time general dentists and visiting specialists including an implant surgeon trained in USA.The aim of the clinic is to provide ENT, Audiology and Dental consultations at a reasonable price.